Overview of Arctic Food Services

In the Spring of 2004, a couple of young MBAs decided to start a frozen seafood distribution service for their local community. With only a couple of reefer straight trucks, a small freezer warehouse and a few hundred customers, the business generated only $390,000 dollars in sales for the first month. However, with better products, better services, aggressive sales, and strong management, Arctic Food Services has enjoyed double digit growth annually and produced more than $22 million dollars in sales with just 15 employees for the third year in business. In fact, the company even set a sales record of $25 million dollars in the recession year of 2008 and on track to set another sales record in 2009. Now, that is significant.

Located in the suburban of St Louis, MO, Arctic Food Services has since evolved to become a full line frozen food importer, wholesaler, and distributor. With millions of dollars in inventory and more than 120 different items at any time in its warehouse, Arctic Food Services now carries products that include all kinds of not only frozen lobster, shrimp, scallop, crab, mussel, squid, fish but also surimi items, value added items, and some ethnic food. It now imports its wild caught snow crab from the deep sea of Canada and Alaska, USA, farm raised half shell green mussel from pollution free water of New Zealand, vannamei white shrimp from the beautiful coast of Central America and Southeast Asia, and a lot of other value added products from Southeast Asia.

Over the time, Arctic Food Services has repeatedly out-competed Sysco and US Food Services to become the largest frozen food importer, wholesaler and distributor to the oriental restaurants, grocery stores, and markets in the Midwest of United States. It has also developed more than 2,200 royal retail and wholesale customers in the surrounding 16 states, including some of the key customers such as Apex Distribution (Detroit, MI), Baily International (Atlanta, GA), Biloxi Freezing and Processing (Biloxi, MS), Expack Seafood (Woodbridge, NJ), Queen Food (Kansas City, KS), Sea Port Products (Kirkland, WA), South Atlantic Marketing (Kansas City, KS), True World (Chicago, IL), and etc.

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